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Backflow Testing


Plumbing Services: Backflow Testing

The City of Omaha, and all of the surrounding communities require that businesses test their backflow devices annually.  

When a backflow device isn't functioning correctly there is a chance that contaminated water can flow back into your drinking water.  This could leave you and your customers with dangerous drinking water, a situation that no one wants.  

Luckily, OCB Plumbing has years of experience in backflow testing and prevention. If one of your devices not pass a test, we have the expertise to correct the issue and always at a fair price.

Request Backflow Testing 

Thank you for contacting OCB Plumbing. We will be in touch very soon.

"Guys came in, no fiddling around, took care of the problem and left...very impressed.  Decent pricing as well!"  Joe A.


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