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Drain Cleaning


Plumbing Services: Drain Cleaning

Sometimes it happens. 

Toilets get clogged.  Sink drains get clogged.  Floor drains get clogged - all drains can get plugged up.

Unfortunately, clearing drains can be a tedious and sometimes dirty job.  Drain cleaning chemicals rarely work, plus they fill your plumbing with corrosive liquids that are hard on your home's water pipes.


Effective drain cleaning requires physical effort and OCB Plumbing has the manpower and tools to clear even the toughest clogged drains.  

If your plumbing is backed up give the experts at OCB Plumbing a call at 402.915.2622 or fill out the form on the right.  

Request Drain Cleaning Service

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"My hat is off to Dan and OCB Plumbing! There is no quit in this guy. He sat at our house for 7 hours on a Saturday to get 45 feet of clogged drain cleaned out. He didn’t want to have to dig up our yard and cause all kinds of delays and money costs. So he kept after it. He got it done when another company couldn’t on two different occasions. He didn’t leave until it was done. OCB Plumbing and Dan in particular, have gained two families worth of customers for life! Thanks for the hard work!" - Jeff A.

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