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Leak Repair


Plumbing Services: Leak Repair

Water escaping from a leaking pipe, faucet, toilet line, or any other piece of plumbing can cause tremendous amounts of damage to your home or business. 


The longer it leaks, the more damage it creates.  You need to repair the leak as soon as possible. 


What You Can Do Right Now

  1. If you can, find a way to temporarily stop the leak. 

  2. Shut off the water feeding it.  Most toilets and sinks have a shut off valve feeding them. 

  3. If it’s a drain, stop using that sink or tub. 

  4. Call OCB Plumbing at 402.915.2622 and we'll be there to fix your water leak.

In the Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding areas, there are few plumbers with the experience and reliability of OCB Plumbing.  We understand that your property is at risk and not only will your leaks be repaired but they’ll be repaired at a fair price.

"Finding and solving your plumbing problems at a fair and honest price!"

Request Water Leak Repair

Thank you for contacting OCB Plumbing. We will be in touch very soon.

"Within a half hour of arriving, he had our problem fixed and the price was very reasonable considering it was after hours" - Rebecca A


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