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Residential Remodeling
& New Construction from OCB!

residential remodeling& construction

Residential Remodeling and
New Construction 

OCB can handle much more than your plumbing needs!

Our licensed contractors are experienced in all kinds of remodeling jobs and new construction.  

From remodeled bathrooms to entire new additions on your home, our professional staff has done it!

If you're looking for a kitchen remodel, bathroom makeover, or any new construction or remodel - check us out!

Call Chris Kudlacz at 402.915.2622 or fill out the form for more information!

Request Residential Plumbing Services

Thank you for contacting OCB Plumbing. We will be in touch very soon.

"The best and most honest plumber I have ever dealt with.  I would recommend them to anybody" - Dottie H


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